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Transport decarbonization

Hydrogen’s role in the race to decarbonize transport is accelerating.

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Our expertise

Technical and commercial advisory for better everyday travel, rail safety, freight planning, delivery of major projects, and more. Contact one of our key specialists.

How we help clients:

  • Initiate and develop project screenings, pre-feasibility studies and multi-criteria analyses
  • Perform market studies and market analyses and execute procurement and financing strategies
  • Set the right legal, regulatory and strategic conditions
  • Close deals with confidence 
  • Train key personnel and provide post-contract management support
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Technical and commercial advisory for better electrification projects, access to electricity, energy sector reforms, and more. Contact one of our key specialists.

How we help clients:

  • Improve the performance of energy sectors via reforms and utility restructuring and planning
  • Promote renewable energy by attracting private investment
  • Increase access to electricity services and support decision-making
  • Accelerate the speed, value for money and transparency of competitive bidding process
  • Enhance the development of generation, transmission and distribution projects
cameroon electricity transmission modernization

Transaction advisory to deliver better PPPs needed for building critically needed infrastructure for everyday users. Contact one of our key specialists.

How we help clients

  • Close successful deals by carefully handling the transaction from start to finish
  • Attract the right investments for sustainable outcomes
  • Accelerate sector reforms by restructuring policy and regulatory frameworks
  • Uncover costs and risks by conducting feasibility studies
  • Inform project design, financing, and implementation

Climate change mitigation and adaptation advisory for better, cleaner transportation and energy systems, assets, and services. Contact one of our key specialists.

What we do:

  • Prepare e-mobility strategies for new technologies and business models
  • Assess policy options and trade-offs to reach net zero transportation targets
  • Develop renewable energy sector roadmaps
  • Help multilateral development banks and financing institutions design climate finance facilities and develop a pipeline of climate-smart infrastructure projects
  • Design financing strategies to match climate financing and market opportunities
  • Help governments make policy decisions based on evidence and in-depth analyses
Solar energy and wind power stations

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