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Strategic rail advisor and croissant maker Jonathan Barwick on food, infrastructure and character

The executive transportation management consultant is known for his baking skills, and yes, it has a lot to do with his role as UK-based Chief Operating Officer with CPCS. What Jonathan does brilliantly is calmly delivering for clients while processing a million details around project resourcing and execution. This character trait shines through when you […]

CPCS alumna: Rachel Aland

Rachel Aland’s advice to new hires and those considering a career inside an infrastructure management firm like CPCS is get ready to learn a lot! She now manages the transport strategy portfolio at the Commission on the Future of Mobility, a global coalition led by CEOs of industry and former government and public sector leaders, shaping more […]

Future of trucking: electrified, platooned and automated

How many truck drivers will lose their jobs to automation? How safe is wireless electricity? All questions infrastructure specialists are keeping a close eye on as they guide transportation agencies and the industry adapts. Freight and transportation consultant Josiah Blackwell-Lipkind sees electrification, platooning and automation as three key forces dictating the future of trucking. Electrification […]

Top 20 US container ports

This article is the first in a series by CPCS transportation specialists on the current state of the US marine port system as the country continues to deal with erratic supply chains. Key highlights: The Port of New York has edged out the Port of Long Beach as the second largest container port Ports continue […]

Why CPCS staff value the firm’s corporate retreat

DOLIRium, a 150-person event, keeps the employee-owned infrastructure management consulting firm moving on target and accountable to its global team. The four-day “workation” puts deep conversations first, where the entire workforce openly weighs in on company matters like compensation or what entrepreneurial efforts the infrastructure consultancy should invest in and pursue next. CPCS isn’t a […]