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3 reasons why former employees return to CPCS

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Meet Siya, Liz, Elisabetta and Peter. They all left and came back. Why? 

  • I’m allowed to be entrepreneurial in my work 
  • “I work on impactful projects around the world” 
  • Being surrounded by savvy colleagues is fun and fulfilling”   
  • A flat and nimble company structure brings out the best in me 

Given that CPCS blends management consulting with technical expertisehiring talented folks is a must.

This comes with a risk, though. Talented people are ambitious, and they’re always on the hunt for new opportunities to learn and develop. 

That’s why CPCS is doing all it can to be a place where employees can grow and unlock their potential. Our beliefs underpin this philosophy.

And it’s working. Every year, we welcome more and more former employees who choose to return to the fold and relive the CPCS experience.

Let Siya, Liz, Elisabeth and Peter tell you what CPCS is doing right.

An energizing and entrepreneurial culture”

Siya Agarwal, aanalyst who interned at CPCS in 2017, fondly recalls her first stint with us

“When I joined, I was sort of expecting a top-down structure,” says the professional. 

Her assumption changed when she worked on a deep multi-jurisdictional scan on rural transportation for Transport Canada

It felt good to be trusted and own my work.”  

Instilling entrepreneurship is core to our internship program. Discover what interns Georgia and Toufic did in Sub-Saharan Africa and York University respectively. 

Like Siya, they share a similar story; all three interns chose to return as permanent employees!       

Our employees enjoy the perks of a flat structure and entrepreneurial culture. They have full responsibility of their assignments as well as the creative space to experiment. 

Gratifying and impactful work” 

Meet Liz Drake. After more than 10 years at CPCS, she chose to explore the public sector for the first time. Two years later, she was back at CPCS as a Principal Consultant.   

“I prefer to focus on projects with clear timelines, objectives and budgets,” says Liz, when asked about what motivated her return. “Seeing immediate results of my contribution is gratifying.” 

That’s why we’re selective about the assignments we take on. The last thing we want is seeing our evidence-based insights and recommendations shelved.  

Working on interesting and complex projects is a major reason why former employees come back to CPCS. It helps to have a clear purpose: finding solutions for growing economies that benefit people, communities and countries. 

Our contributions to the environment and marginalized communities are great examples of our creed in action.  

“Having fun doing work is a perk”

During its 50 years of history, CPCS has kept its fun spirit as a leading infrastructure consulting firm.  

Senior Accountant Elisabetta Cocco came back to CPCS exactly for this reason.  

“I left CPCS for a supposedly better opportunity,” she admits. “I soon started missing the dynamic work beat and the variety of responsibilities at CPCS.”  

Fun means many things to our staff. For one, it’s applying our curiosity to tackle new challenges – like breaking new ground in Mozambique’s energy sector. Or it can mean providing a stimulating environment that brings out the best in us.  

“Not having burger and pizza days [a weekly CPCS tradition at our HQ] didn’t help either. Some of my favourite memories at CPCS include barbecuing chocolate chip cookies on the balcony and hearing excited colleagues upstairs commenting on the aroma.”   

“Is the grass greener on the other side?”

Although we see plenty of returning employees, we also know that some are wondering what’s on the other side of the fence.   

We get it.  

Take it from our VP and senior infrastructure consultant, Peter Harrison, who left CPCS not once but twice.  

“Like everything else, people and careers evolve. Sure, seeing a great colleague leave is never easy, but those who come back tend to bring valuable experience and perspective.” 
“As a returning employee, I understand first-hand the importance of keeping the door open. We don’t burn bridges here at CPCS.” 

People may come and go, but one thing is true: CPCS remains an employee-owned company for employees. 

Visit our careers page to see for yourself.   

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