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50 years of global infrastructure leadership

CPCS is a management consulting firm specializing in infrastructure. 

We solve tough infrastructure challenges specific to transport, power and public-private partnerships. We do it by providing end-to-end management consulting services, including analytical, technical, legal, regulatory as well as economics, policy, finance and governance. 

Discover our core beliefs

Our work looks like this:

Our clients: 

  • Governments
  • International organizations such as the World Bank
  • Investors
  • Infrastructure owners and operators
  • Industry associations and advocacy organizations

CPCS merged with global transport advisor First Class Partnerships in 2020.

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Big purpose

In a world of new technologies, climate change and rapidly growing cities, making the right decisions for our infrastructure is more important than ever. This means doing business in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible

Think about how our daily lives depend on airports, bridges, ports, roads, railroads, public transit as well as power generation facilities and related transmission and distribution structures. 

The key lies in strong institutions and the right policies and frameworks in place. Only then can countries, cities and communities thrive.

In other words, CPCS provides solutions for growing economies. We don’t view projects as contracts; they’re opportunities to solve problems

The CPCS Way

Employee-owned company proudly headquartered in Canada

Bringing depth to complex projects
We don’t try to be
all things to all people

Punching above
our weight
Our depth and focus
enable us to find better, innovative solutions

Impact makers
Our work benefits people
and communities in both developed and emerging economies

Global leadership

Close to 1,500 projects completed in more than 110 countries.

Our origins

Born in Canada. Raised globally.

Our story began in the late 1800s when the Government of Canada partnered with the private sector to build the famous Canadian Pacific Railway (CP).

Over time, CP has become an international leader in rail, marine and air transportation.

Global expertise built on depth

CP’s far-reaching success drove the creation of a consulting arm called Canadian Pacific Consulting Services (CPCS) in 1969. Through CPCS, CP exported its deep expertise in infrastructure management and development to governments and service providers across the world.

Independence and merger

CPCS later became independent from CP and merged with Hickling Transcom to become CPCS Transcom in 1996.

Today, CPCS continues to provide management and technical advisory services in the infrastructure space, with a focus on transport, power and public-private partnerships.

That historical public-private partnership

The Canadian Pacific Railway is arguably the largest public-private partnership in global history.

Over 10 years, the Canadian government and private interests worked hand in hand to make the railway connection to Western Canada a reality.

Today, we bring this same expertise, mobilizing the public and private sectors in our PPP projects.

Some of our PPP success stories:

  • Transfer 33 public grain silo complexes to private investors in Nigeria
  • Choose the most suitable bidder for a new high frequency train service in Sri Lanka
Donald Alexander Smith drives in the Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Craigellachie, British Columbia, at 9:22 a.m. on November 7, 1885. Source: Wikipedia.


Board of directors

Our Board includes five external directors and representatives from CPCS at both the management and employee levels.

External Directors

In their words

…I have read a quite a few proposals and reports, and the draft Freight Plan is indeed very well written. The final document is a terrific reference.

— Special Assistant to the Director, State Department of Transport, U.S.

Integrity is everyone’s business

We honour a zero tolerance policy.

  • No to bribery, fraud and corruption
  • No to modern slavery

CPCS applies an anti-corruption clause in all its contracts, and everyone we do business with has to adopt our Code of Ethics.

To report an issue, violation, wrongdoing or complaint, please contact us confidentially and anonymously through this form.