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Careers at CPCS

A career advising infrastructure leaders.

CPCS is an employee-owned business that finds better infrastructure solutions in the areas of transport and energy.

The heart of what we do is providing clear evidence-based solutions to decision makers to help them envision the benefits of what healthier and superior infrastructure can achieve.

For example, we can be asked to work on improving Canada’s public transit system, guiding an African government seeking to modernize its energy sector, or developping a freight plan for a US department of transportation.

Our company purpose is clear: Better infrastructure solutions = Better lives.

CPCS is a Top Employer in Canada’s Capital Region and one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers in 2024.

What we do gives us a sense of purpose, this is what we believe in.


Global company

Purpose over profit

We are comfortable building the company on purpose before all else.

Depth as a strategy.

We’ve built a unique depth in both our technical and management consulting services.

No fluff.

We provide clients practical, realistic solutions based on facts, and in plain language.

Belonging to a global team.

Our people are from all over the world. We hire thinkers, doers and open-minded teammates. We act and are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Fun and rewarding culture.

We enjoy solving today’s complex social and economic issues in the infrastructure sector. 

We care about our people.

Our team members can become shareholders (most of them do!). You’ll also enjoy our flexible work mindset and perks to help you strike a work-life blend that works for you. Explore our total compensation package.

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See what life is at CPCS

Meet some of us

Bring your depth and bold thinking to CPCS.

Our global team includes former industry executives, infrastructure operators, international financial institution leaders, experienced management consultants and other accomplished professionals in talent management, communications and marketing and business analytics.

With us you’ll to do deep work that empowers our clients and helps them make important decisions with confidence.

Mamoudou Bocoum
Vice President, Francophone Africa - West
Meet Mamoudou

Career opportunities

We're always looking for experienced talent.

Interested in joining our team but not ready to apply or don’t see the right opportunity?

Email us at to get discovered today.

Career progression at CPCS

While most in the consulting businesses progress up, we progress DEEP!

The DEEPER Trajectory Framework provides a clear pathway to advance your consulting career within CPCS.

You’ll take ownership of your career development and progression, with clear expectations and support provided every step of the way. Whether you’re starting out or deepening your expertise, CPCS provides guidance, feedback, and opportunities to go deepen your consulting career.

Charting your course

Use this map as a guide to help pinpoint your current position and chart the course you envision for your career. While growth for some could mean becoming a people leader, for others it could mean diving deeper into a specific area of expertise.

DEEPER trajectory framework

Each level within the framework is characterized by its unique “vibe,” which offers insight into the focus and objectives at that stage of your consulting career with CPCS. From building foundational skills to mastering complex challenges, the DEEPER Trajectory Framework equips you with insights to chart your course at CPCS.


Providing support and guidance while continuing to learn and grow. Gaining experience in business development and project coordination, gradually taking on more independent tasks and responsibilities.

Senior Consultant:

Advancing skills and expertise, moving towards taking ownership of business development activities and managing smaller projects. Becoming more involved in proposal development and project management, handling increasingly complex tasks with greater independence.

Principal Consultant:

Leading and managing business development efforts and project execution, including large and complex tasks. Mentoring new consultants and providing guidance to project teams. Playing key expert roles, troubleshooting and solving challenges, and ensuring project success.

A place for you to...

Share your knowledge
Apply it to solve
complex projects

Have a global impact
Experience to work across the world

Leadership infrastructure management consultant at CPCS

Lead and work
with global teams

Rely on technical experts and experienced project managers

Enjoy flexible work styles
Who likes stressful commutes anyway?

Our stories

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Meet Joel Carlson

Why I moved to Calgary to open a new CPCS office

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Career growth at CPCS

From Consultant to Managing Partner

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High-impact careers

Rewarding opportunities for entry-level professionals and students.

You’ll be treated like a friend, coached, supported and trusted to make decisions.

You won’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. Just show up eager to learn, contribute and have fun. 

Young professionals

Our Young Professionals Program is for Masters-level graduates and early-career professionals with 1 to 3 years of experience looking to become a management consultant.

You’ll work on complex projects alongside experts who will rely on your skills and insights.

How our program works:

  1. You’ll join our central consulting team, be trained and do hands-on work to support business development and project activities across our areas of expertise and markets.
  2. Young professionals graduating from our program move to a specialized team that meets both their career goals and our business priorities.
  3. Learn more about what entry-level or junior consultants do at CPCS.  
Meet Jia Yuan

Career opportunities

We’re always looking for emerging professionals, co-op students and interns.

Interested in joining our team, but not ready to apply or don’t see the right opportunity?

Still send your resume and cover letter to to get discovered today!

Inside CPCS

Diverse and inclusive team at CPCS



Buddy system + mentorship program

Leadership infrastructure management consultant at CPCS


Access to leaders and executives at CPCS

Easy access to senior leaders and executives

Our stories

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If you’re up for a challenge, we’ve got plenty to solve

“My very first infrastructure project at CPCS exposed me to the important factors that play a role in mitigating climate change. It was the first of many projects that allowed me to deepen my knowledge in a specific subject.”

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Work on cutting edge infrastructure development opportunities

“I’m currently working on a project developing sustainable transport connections between Central Asia and the European Union.”

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