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Life at CPCS

A career advising infrastructure leaders.

CPCS is an employee-owned business that finds better infrastructure solutions in the areas of transport and energy.

The heart of what we do is providing clear evidence-based solutions to decision makers to help them envision the benefits of what healthier and superior infrastructure can achieve.

For example, a city will ask us to improve their public transit systemIn other instances, we’ll guide a government who is looking to modernize its energy sector.

Our company purpose is clear: Better infrastructure solutions = Better lives.

CPCS is a Top Employer in Canada’s Capital Region and one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers in 2024.

What we do gives us a sense of purpose, this is what we believe in.


Global company

Purpose over profit

We are comfortable building the company on purpose before all else.

Depth as a strategy.

We’ve built a unique depth in both our technical and management consulting services.

No fluff.

We provide clients practical, realistic solutions based on facts, and in plain language.

Belonging to a global team.

Our people are from all over the world. We hire thinkers, doers and open-minded teammates. We act and are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Fun and rewarding culture.

We enjoy solving today’s complex social and economic issues in the infrastructure sector. 

We care about our people.

Our team members can become shareholders (most of them do!). You’ll also enjoy our flexible work mindset and perks to help you strike a work-life blend that works for you. Explore our total compensation package.

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