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Employee Stories

How CPCS helps create environmental and social value as a firm and advisors to infrastructure leaders

“Our biggest impact is advising decision-makers to adopt sustainable infrastructure, operations and policies as the first line of defense against climate change and barriers to social equity” – Managing Partner Marc-André Roy  CPCS’s tradition of delivering sustainable projects worldwide continues Day-to-day operations and internal processes are putting greater focus on environment and communities Cutting down […]

CPCS’s strategy and what we believe in

Managing Partner Marc-André Roy shares how the firm’s core beliefs came to be.  We think we’re a pretty unique management consulting firm. For one, we specialize in transport and power infrastructure, public-private partnerships (PPPs) and related analytics. We also bring together the disciplines needed to unpack the complexity of infrastructure: management, economics, finance, law, data […]

What entry-level or junior consultants do at CPCS

Thinking of becoming a business management consultant in the infrastructure sector? Here’s what to expect as a junior consultant at CPCS. Profile in brief: Job title: Junior Consultant Education: Entry-level talent with a Master’s degree in economics, management, finance, law, data science, engineering, urban planning or other relevant disciplines Years of experience: 1 to 3 […]

Being an editorial intern amid the coronavirus pandemic

Spotlight on inspiring CPCS interns: Meet Joseph Leonard, public relations student at Algonquin College. Joining CPCS as an editorial intern allowed me to hone my writing skills, work with the head of HR on a recruiting project and learn what goes on in a global management consulting firm. I’m Joseph Leonard, a third year public […]

Growing up in Cameroon and becoming Managing Partner of a global consulting firm

Get to know the people powering CPCS. Meet Managing Partner Jean-François Arsenault who leads the firm’s finance and global operations.  I’m the firefighter, obstacle remover and the firm’s number-cruncher-in-chief. My average week at CPCS looks like this: Negotiate contract terms with a client Hold a virtual conference to close a project Brainstorm with a project […]

CPCS intern: My experience leading a solar desalination initiative

Spotlight on inspiring CPCS interns: Meet Georgia McCutcheon, MSc student at Western University’s Ivey Business School. The highlight of my internship was laying the groundwork for a series of solar desalination projects in Sub-Saharan African communities in need of clean water. My ideal career? One where I can have a positive development impact on emerging […]

My first year at CPCS: Transforming how a global company communicates

The mandate CPCS gave me turned into the company’s biggest communications transformation in 50 years. Here’s my story and some lessons learned. A year ago I joined CPCS as their first director of global communications and marketing. If you don’t know, CPCS is a global management consulting company in the infrastructure sector. Think of projects related to […]

Leading through COVID-19 the CPCS way

CPCS, a global management consulting firm specializing in infrastructure, exhibits resilience as it continues to advance infrastructure priorities for clients around the world amid COVID-19 pandemic. “People over process” mindset drives the employee-owned company Keeping a global team connected is key to success Future trends dictate changes in the way CPCS does business “Projects don’t […]

My dream of travelling tomorrow

Jean-Marc Bourreau, our Director of Aviation, envisions big changes for air travel. In a future not so far away, old headaches in the aviation industry will have become a thing of the past. Tomorrow, I will travel  I will leave my house, close the door and take a car service directly to the departure terminal. […]

CPCS definition: What does CPCS mean?

What does CPCS stand for? We at CPCS often get asked.  First, let’s say that “CPCS” is a synonym for global infrastructure leadership… at least according to our dictionary. Second, many abbreviations, acronyms and initials have borrowed our four-letter name. We think we’re the oldest CPCS there is though. The letters “CP” in our name […]