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Why pairing solar energy with battery storage is the solution to Mozambique’s energy challenge

CPCS designs Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest solar and battery storage procurement program Solar and battery combination is accelerating Mozambique’s objective to secure universal access to electricity by 2030 Solution alleviates grid constraints by providing energy to cities that need it the most Addressing energy demands in Mozambique  Mozambique’s generation potential of 187 gigawatts is greater than […]

7 climate funds in Africa for Canadian developers and clean tech companies

Trends and lessons learned to help Canadian developers and green companies secure climate funds in Africa  In 2009, parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change gathered in Copenhagen and committed to mobilize US $100 billion a year by 2020 in climate financing.   The purpose of these funds was to help low-income […]

Getting to financial close on PPPs: Aligning transaction advisor payment terms with project success

This article was originally published on World Bank Blogs on December 17, 2017. Getting to commercial close on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) transaction is a major milestone. But the deal is far from done. Getting from commercial close to financial close involves satisfying a long list of PPP contract Conditions Precedent, the terms, and conditions […]

Three criteria to better classify PPPs in Africa

This article was originally published on World Bank Blogs on May 15, 2018. It is broadly understood that public-private partnerships (PPP) are a procurement tool that encompass design, financing, construction and long-term operation of a public infrastructure by the private sector. They can be cost-effective thanks to adequate risk transfer and performance criteria, and help bridge […]

A health protocol to reopen the African skies?

This article was originally written in French and published on Jeune Afrique. Restricting flights to a few airports can help Africa develop an appropriate health protocol, says Jean-Marc Bourreau, CPCS’s Director of Aviation. Still reeling from the shock, the aviation sector has suffered a historic blow from the coronavirus crisis. In Africa alone, international passenger […]

Infrastructure investment perspectives during a pandemic

Infrastructure investors in ports, railways, airports and toll roads share their perspectives on how COVID-19 has affected the infrastructure asset class.  Pandemic impacts on infrastructure investments differ by sector Freight assets are withstanding the economic shock Deal flow and transactional processes have slowed considerably Investors stand behind their assets Governments must work with stakeholders to […]

Africa’s quest for railways: Bridging the gap between governments and investors

Are railway networks in Africa meeting transportation needs? Not quite. Here’s how to get there according to long-time CPCS rail expert George Kaulbeck. Bound by legacy  Some of the fastest growing economies in the world reside in Africa. But even as the continent edges towards a breakthrough, its rail infrastructure has yet to break free […]

How COVID-19 will impact the PPP project lifecycle

COVID-19 creates challenges and opportunities in the PPP infrastructure project lifecycle. CPCS experts Joël Castonguay and Elan Cusiac-Barr explore how this virus is changing the project lifecycle as we know it.  The impact of COVID-19 has been wide-reaching. Since the beginning of the pandemic, CPCS has been monitoring the effects of COVID-19 on the infrastructure […]

Global aviation industry in the context of COVID-19: Severe turbulence, but let’s avoid the crash

Pandemic calls for reflective moment so that airlines can get back in the air in style post-outbreak, according to aviation expert Jean-Marc Bourreau.  Aviation sector faced with choices between health vs economy Need to overcome unilateral vision to propose multilateral solutions Path to recovery will call for large investments and a global response Must develop […]

Unlocking the African Skies

The aviation industry in Africa has to look at passenger-focused solutions to truly take off Over 300 million passengers to go through African airports per year by 2035 US $22 billion needed to modernize African airports Flying with purpose The International Air Transport Association claims that air traffic in Africa is expected to grow by […]