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Cameroon: Determining the viability of biomass initiatives

CPCS infrastructure advisors undertake due diligence on a 6.5 MW biomass pilot project. The challenge Africa needs a staggering amount of money to fund its infrastructure. It’s well over US $126 billion a year. InfraCo Africa contributes to this total by providing funding for early-stage infrastructure projects so that they can eventually attract private investment. […]

Cameroon: Towards more reliable electricity transmission

CPCS equips Cameroon’s government with a regulatory framework and other contractual tools to improve countrywide electricity transmission as demand grows.  The challenge Cameroon is trying to make reliable electricity transmission more accessible throughout the country. A new transmission system operator (TSO) can help with that.  What we did In 2016, CPCS stepped in to provide […]

Cameroon: Bringing all modes of transport together

Cameroon counts on CPCS to elevate the country’s multimodal transport strategy to the next level. The challenge Cameroon has a bold vision: to be an emerging economy by 2035. But to get there, the Central African country has to revamp and integrate its modes of transport from the ground up. Cameroon has recently invested CFA […]