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Florida: Solving the high rate of passenger rail incidents

CPCS study suggests how to make passenger rail service safer for everybody.    The challenge In 2017 alone, the State of Florida reported 40 deaths due to collisions with high-speed passenger rail trains. That’s four times the national average in terms of death per miles traveled. It’s unclear as to why rail transit in Florida […]

North America: Tracking the Great Lakes with Blue Accounting

CPCS supports the Blue Accounting initiative to track performance of binational maritime system. The challenge Blue Accounting is a data-driven initiative put together by local governors to provide cutting-edge information services about the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Maritime system. The movement aims to gather data on three broad objectives: Increase maritime trade and […]

Ohio: Making the most out of its maritime transport system

CPCS-led maritime strategy helps the State of Ohio propel its long-term economic competitiveness and growth. The challenge Maritime traffic in Ohio is declining. The question is how can Ohio better leverage its maritime transport assets along Lake Erie and the Ohio River? To find out, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) asked CPCS. Managing Partner […]

U.S.: How do agencies manage transportation research programs?

New report provides state transportation agencies a framework to organize publicly-funded research programs for maximum impact. The challenge Good data and good research are key to enhancing transportation systems over time. But are state Departments of Transportations (DOTs) following standards and best practices in managing their transportation research programs? “Surprisingly, there’s no comprehensive scientific body […]

Minnesota: Streamlining the Department of Transportation

CPCS advised leaders in the Minnesota Department of Transportation on business processes to align constituent parts with the organization’s overall vision. The challenge The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has a broad and complex mission supported by a decentralized organizational structure. However, its constituent districts and offices vary in terms of business planning maturity. This […]

Minnesota: The most congestioned highways in Minneapolis

Identifying the worst congestion spots is a first step in making transportation better on highways in Minnesota. The challenge Truck drivers in Minnesota often cite congestion on the Twin Cities highways as one of the most significant transportation challenges. When merchandise gets stuck in traffic, the region’s economic competitiveness and growth suffer. Addressing congestion requires […]