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Data visualization: What a Canada-US-Mexico rail network could look like

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CPCS shows what the Canadian Pacific Railway-Kansas City Southern rail network and trade flows could look like using data visualizations

Our visual GIS dashbord illustrates:

      • What the two railroads would look like
      • Rail shipments in tonnes from 2001 to 2018 between Canada and Mexico
      • Province-based trade flows in tonnes between Canada and Mexico in 2018


  • Canadian Pacific Railway to buy Kansas City Southern for $25 billion US
  • First rail network that would connect Canada, the United States and Mexico
  • Transportation transaction expected to create rail network that stretches 20,000 miles

CPCS created this GIS dashboard combining in-house and Transport Canada data to illustrate the rail networks’ combined traffic opportunity.

Inside our GIS dashboard

A map of the proposed Canadian Pacific Kansas City rail network

This map illustrates the entire 20,000 miles network from Canada to Mexico. Inside the dashbord, hover your mouse over the Canadian provinces to see the trade flows in tonnes between that province and Mexico in 2018.

Trade flows in tonnes between Canada and Mexico from 2001 to 2018

This graph shows the rail shipments from Canada to Mexico and vice-versa from 2001 to 2018. Note the steady increase of exports and imports over time.

Trade flows between Canada and Mexico broken down by province

This chart shows how many tonnes of freight each Canadian province is shipping to and receiving from Mexico by rail. In 2018, Canadian provinces have exported 1,962,950 tonnes to Mexico and imported 663,664 tonnes from it.

About CPCS

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