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CPCS remains carbon neutral

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CPCS has been committed to reducing and offsetting its emissions since 2020. “Operating as a carbon-neutral business that provides climate change advisory to decarbonize transport and make infrastructure greener aligns seamlessly with CPCS’s goals and values, which is purpose over profit,” says managing partner Marc-André Roy.

Key highlights: 

  • For fiscal year 2022-23, CPCS offset 344 tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through high quality Gold Standard certified projects.

  • Most GHG emitted were from business travel and to a lesser extent office operations and commutes.

  • CPCS has instituted a systematic practice of annually evaluating its emissions for the prior fiscal year, identifying opportunities to continually reduce these, and offsetting what emissions can’t be eliminated through Gold Standard carbon credits.

Total CPCS carbon emissions by source for fiscal year 2022-23

All 344 tonnes of CO2 equivalent were offset by purchasing carbon credits through two Gold Standard-certified projects in Kenya and Mozambique.

These projects have important economic and environmental impacts:

CPCS will continue to offset its CO2 equivalent each year and has made carbon offsetting projects a cornerstone of its environmental and social responsibility policy.

Better internal practices

CPCS’s Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Committee has developed internal practices to measure and track the firm’s carbon footprint. This includes a standardized methodology for collecting and analyzing data year-over-year.

“The aim of measuring our carbon footprint is not only for purchasing carbon credits, but also to determine how we can reduce our carbon footprint each year,” says Marc-André.

CPCS’s Environmental and Social Responsibility Roadmap

CPCS's ESR roadmap

Smaller footprint, big commitment

CPCS, with its existing lean operations and small offices, understands the importance of minimizing its environmental and social impacts as much as it can.

Every year, CPCS carries out a comprehensive assessment of greenhouse gas emissions across the company, providing identical services to our clients. The analysis team, comprised of data analysts and sustainable specialists, pinpoints the major emission contributors.

CPCS remains committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions while continuing to offset carbon emissions and invest in sustainable operations. Although CPCS generates positive economic, environmental, and social value, we must also minimize the environmental and social impacts associated with its operations.

“While recognizing that offsetting alone is not a complete solution, every effort counts in the collective fight against climate change,” says Marc-André.

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