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Integrity at CPCS

Our integrity code

Our Integrity Code applies to all CPCS People, which we consider as anyone working at, with or for one of the CPCS Group companies, regardless of their title, seniority, or location.

Our Code sets out what we believe in, our core Integrity Standards and policies, how we conduct ourselves, and how we run our business.

Governing CPCS and managing integrity responsibly

CPCS is committed to improving lives through better infrastructure solutions, and we are privileged to be trusted with advising infrastructure leaders and decision makers.

This trust is based on our commitment to fairness and transparency, our ethical behaviour, and highest levels of compliance with laws and standards.

Integrity matters to us because the policies, programs, and action plans that we develop and implement for clients can have long-lasting environmental and social value — impact is typically measured in years and decades.

This privilege comes with a significant environmental and social responsibility.


CPCS runs a comprehensive Integrity Program to prevent, detect and respond to any integrity challenges.

Some of the elements included in our Integrity Program:

  • An Integrity Code and related integrity standards comprised of training, policies, procedures, and controls.
  • A dedicated Corporate Integrity Officer.
  • A Board of Directors comprised of external members to ensure sound governance and oversee compliance.

Integrity is a personal and professional principle that underpins our core company beliefs.

For example:

  • Making a positive Impact can’t be achieved without integrity.
  • Our Evidence-based advice cannot be trusted if it doesn’t come from a place of integrity.
  • Our work environment can’t be Fun for our employees without integrity.

Business partners

Business partners help CPCS accomplish impactful work worldwide.

We value their trust, and we work with those who conduct their business lawfully and are committed to act with integrity.

We expect all our business partners, sub-contractors and independent consultants, to understand and respect our Integrity Code and follow related policies.

  • The questionnaire below is part of a due diligence process that CPCS undertakes when considering companies and partnerships, of whatever type, for a potential working relationship.

Due diligence questionnaires

Integrity Code for business partners

Reporting violations safely and anonymously

CPCS promotes a culture of integrity and encourages its employees, business partners, and any other individuals to speak up safely and anonymously.

If you know about — or even suspect — an issue, please tell us. Hearing about issues and breaches to our Code gives us a chance to prevent or correct them.

Report any integrity concern if you think someone’s actions might:

  • Break the law
  • Break a government rule or regulation
  • Violate this Code
  • Violate one of our company policies