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Ian Horseman Sewell

Vice President, UK and Europe

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Ian is FCP’s CEO, the international rail advisory firm that merged with CPCS in 2020. He now leads the combined group’s UK and European operations. 

Ian is an internationally experienced and innovative business leader with strengths in initiating, developing and managing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-governments (B2G) relationships.

Ian started his career in the UK Diplomatic Service, where his work ranged from serving in the UK’s Gulf Crisis Unit during the first Gulf War to capacity building in Afghanistan.  Ian’s private sector career since then includes senior roles in several sectors, such as transport and transit, nuclear, emergency services, security and civil contingencies.

In the rail sector, Ian is recognized for his ability to innovate and to negotiate complex commercial situations under intense scrutiny and pressure on behalf of clients and stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. At FCP, Ian has led strategic advisory engagements in transport and transit for clients across the UK, Scandinavia, Southeast Asia and North America.

Ian speaks English, conversational German and basic French. 


  • Business Growth Programme, Cranfield University’s School of Management
  • Business Growth and Innovation Programme, Ashridge Management College
  • Master of Arts, Geography, University of Cambridge

3 fun facts:

  • Volunteers as a commissioned officer in a specialist unit in the British Army 
  • One of the first subscribers to Climeworks, which is building the world’s largest plant in Iceland to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using geothermal energy 
  • Keeps a very small flock of Norfolk Horn sheep

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