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CPCS evaluates viability of Lobito-Zambia rail line

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CPCS advising the Africa Finance Corporation on feasibility of major greenfield railway project

The Lobito-Zambia rail corridor holds immense potential in boosting regional trade and providing competitive route for international export markets.

Key points

  • CPCS is spearheading the feasibility study and preliminary engineering design of the Lobito-Zambia railway, leveraging its deep experience in cross-border rail projects.

  • The rail line would connect mining regions, agricultural clusters, and businesses, while facilitating better transportation of goods and people across borders. 

  • United States Government, European Union, and other stakeholders have committed to advance the Lobito Corridor.

The big picture: The 800-kilometre rail line would connect the Lobito rail line in Luacano, Angola, to the existing Zambia railway line in Chingola (Copperbelt region), with approximately 280 km of new rail in Angola and 500 km in Zambia. This greenfield project means it’s a new railway line that is built in an area where there were no previous railroads. It implies starting fresh without any existing tracks or infrastructure in place. This contrasts with a brownfield project, which involves redeveloping or repurposing existing infrastructure or land.

Advisory services

The scope of CPCS’s involvement encompasses various critical aspects, including estimating potential traffic and associated revenue, identifying optimal technical design solutions, assessing financial and economic returns, evaluating environmental and social impacts, defining suitable implementation schemes, and preparing tender documents for construction, among others.

What CPCS is saying

  • George Kaulbeck, CPCS Senior Advisor: “The Zambia-Lobito rail line has the potential to redefine trade dynamics in the region, offering a strategic alternative route to international export markets for Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo”

  • Philip Asante, CPCS Vice President, Anglophone and Lusophone Africa: “The Zambia-Lobito railway project represents a strategic investment in regional infrastructure, laying the foundation for increased trade volumes, economic growth, and shared prosperity across borders.”

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