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CPCS chosen to provide Metrolinx advisory and commercial management services

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Metrolinx renews partnership with CPCS for transformative transit expertise to deliver Canada’s largest public transit program comprising several major capital projects.

CPCS is a leader in the advancement of sustainable and accessible transportation infrastructure in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), providing technical experts and comprehensive solutions.

Key points

  • Through this renewed contract, CPCS will continue its decade-long partnership with Metrolinx, providing strategic advice, technical support, and independent assurance throughout the planning, execution, construction, and operation of rail infrastructure projects.

  • CPCS will focus on critical aspects like infrastructure configuration and planning, financial viability, scenario modelling, technical compliance, safety assurance, business transformation amongst others, ensuring the successful delivery of Metrolinx’s portfolio of projects.

  • CPCS continues to build its role as a trusted advisor to Metrolinx, having been awarded an earlier contract with the transportation agency to find and deploy rail experts.


Adrian Lightstone, CPCS Senior Vice President, Advanced Markets (Canada, UK, US)

“CPCS is positioned to continue assisting Metrolinx in finding the right experts to deliver projects, while also solving complex strategic, commercial and technical problems so that Metrolinx can realize the benefits of its rail and transit infrastructure projects.”

Ragheb Aga, CPCS Director, Major Projects

“Our global strategic, commercial, and technical advisory expertise is actively supporting Metrolinx in delivering the largest capital program in North America. We’re committed to helping Metrolinx develop a world-class transit system through a series of innovative, sustainable, and transformative rail and transit infrastructure projects that will fuel and sustain Toronto’s growth.”  

Catch up quick: Metrolinx is the crown agency for transportation in the GTHA. Its Capital Projects Group (CPG) is responsible for the delivery of projects, including light rail transit (LRT) lines, the GO Expansion Program, rapid transit and subway projects across the GTHA.

About CPCS

CPCS is a global management consulting firm specializing in transportation and infrastructure strategy, economics and policy. With offices in North America, Africa, and Asia, CPCS provides advisory services to public and private sector clients in transportation, energy, water, and urban development. CPCS’s mission is to deliver better solutions that drive economic growth and improve quality of life for communities around the world.

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