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Quick links: concessions of ASCL and NIOMCO

Explore each link to discover the ASCL and NIOMCO projects in depth.


Applicants are required to download and complete the Confidentiality Agreement for the respective project of interest. For access to the RFQ documents, complete Confidentiality Agreements should be returned to for ASCL, or for NIOMCO. You will be emailed soft copies of the tender documents upon receipt of your signed Confidentiality Agreement. 

Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (ASCL)

Confidentiality agreement
RFQ advertisement

National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO)

Confidentiality agreement
RFQ advertisement

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Ministry of Mines and Steel Development

Schedule of tender process: 

  • April 20 – April 24: Bidders download and sign Confidentiality Agreement to be confirmed applicants
  • April 24: Tender documents (RFQ Document, Information Memorandum, RFP, Concession Agreement) sent to confirmed applicants
  • May 4: Virtual Bidders Conference
  • May 12: Submission of Documents

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