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Unique podcast on Africa’s infrastructure

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Infra&Dev, an African podcast proudly supported by CPCS, explores the complex inner workings of the infrastructure sector in a clear and simple way.

Infra&Dev guests include public and private sector people involved in infrastructure development on the African continent.

Launched and hosted by Senegalese engineer Mamoudou Bocoum, Infra&Dev introduces us to all types of infrastructure, whether it’s transportation, energy, information and communication technologies, buildings, and water.

Mamoudou, an African infrastructure development expert at CPCS, says his podcast is a small yet meaningful way “to contribute to building a better Africa.”

Unique podcast on African infrastructure

Each episode explores major issues, related solutions and innovations that could provide Africa with better infrastructure.

“Basic infrastructure such as running water, electricity and roads remain a problem in Africa, and that’s why we need to talk about it,” says Mamoudou.

Mamoudou has discussed with public officials such as ministers, people from the private sector and experts from various backgrounds in the infrastructure sector.

Each episode is easy to understand and accessible to all.

You’ll enjoy the podcast if you:

  • Work in the public sector and you’re involved in the policymaking or implementation of infrastructure projects in Africa
  • Are a representative of a private company involved in the infrastructure development sector in Africa
  • Are a member of the academic community (especially students) interested in this topic
  • Are a citizen who wants to better understand the vision, plans and projects of African governments in this area

Discover Infra&Dev here:

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