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Canada: Readying the Canada Port Authorities for modernization

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CPCS selected by Transport Canada to inspire Modernization Review for Canada Port Authorities.


Canada Port Authorities (CPAs) manage 17 of the country’s most strategic ports. They are important enablers of Canadian trade.

Ensuring that CPAs can continue to support the competitiveness of the country’s economy by facilitating the movement of goods and passengers is a vital infrastructure priority.

That’s why our client, Transport Canada, intends to review how CPAs should operate going forward.

In addition to improving Canada’s economic standing, the review aims to strengthen CPAs’ commitments to sustainable infrastructure, safety and security and governance and accountability. 


CPCS prepared two studies to help with the preparation of the modernization review:

  • A capacity and competitiveness study
  • A governance model review

The capacity and competitiveness study touches on the following topics:

  • Forecasting capacity needs for major commodity groups
  • Comparing CPAs with international competitors and other domestic rivals 
  • Identifying barriers to competitiveness
  • Recommending measures to improve competitiveness
  • Assessing the ports’ overall economic impact 

The governance model review mainly focuses on how CPAs operate and how to improve on this aspect. It also proposes indicators to track the suggested improvements. 

Both studies required extensive stakeholder engagement, data analysis, literature review and multi-jurisdictional scan.


These studies informed the Modernization Review for Canada Port Authorities and provided advice to Canada’s Minister of Transport.