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Anambra trusts CPCS for rail master plan

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Rail master plan, key piece to improve Anambra’s transport sector


Sector: Transport, passenger rail

Client: Anambra State Government

Client type: Government

Location: Anambra State, Nigeria

Project type: Master planning

Advisory services: Strategy, planning, financial analysis, GIS



The Anambra State Government wants a comprehensive rail master plan for better passenger mobility and freight transport within its territory. CPCS was chosen to design the master plan using a multifaceted approach.

This rail master plan will be the blueprint for the development of a network connecting major commercial and cultural centers like Onitsha, Awka and Nwewi.

This plan also aims to connect Anambra’s rail infrastructure with neighboring States from East to West via the Federal Government standard rail line.

CPCS is carrying out the following tasks:

  • Preliminary feasibility study: CPCS will conduct a high-level assessment of transport demand within Anambra State, a preliminary alignment and costing for rail network, and multicriteria analysis for selecting the rail network.

  • Feasibility study and conceptual design: The study will include macroeconomic, social and environmental factors and a traffic survey. CPCS will then carry out the operational and system design for rail, as well as conceptual designs for the rail network.

  • Final rail master plan: To ensure the final plan is the best rail solution, it will include a detailed social and environmental baseline audit, a financial and economic viability assessment, a value for money assessment, and will outline the business case for rail development.