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Detailed Feasibility Studies for Power Infrastructure in Burkina Faso

MCC - Millennium Challenge Corporation (US)

In 2016, Burkina Faso was selected among eligible countries for the development of a second Compact. Analyses on existing constraints to economic growth showed that the high cost, low quality and low access to electricity are the major ones.
Within this context, MCC wanted to recruit a consulting firm to identify and prepare power infrastructure projects for the Compact program to support the Burkina Faso power sector.
The key objective of the assignment is to undertake prefeasibility/feasibility analyses of a subset of the proposed compact activities, which would include technical assessments, environmental, social and gender assessments, economic and financial analyses, as well as monitoring and evaluation assessments and analyses. The projects to be developed are mainly related to the grid development and access project (Transmission, distribution, reliability and loss reduction) and cost effective and reliable energy supply project.
The main deliverable of this assignment is a feasibility study that will present all findings and recommendations on the components that have been recommended to advance for consideration in the proposed Compact between MCC and Burkina Faso and final details and scoping for subsequent project preparation. The Compact formulation process also involves a high level of stakeholders’ engagement and consultations. Another key objective of the Study is therefore to facilitate consensus building among the parties involved.