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Engineering/Resettlement/ESIA for Abidjan Transport Project

Egis International

The Compact with the Government of Cote D’Ivoire (GoCI), signed on 07 November 2017 will be implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account Cote d’Ivoire (MCA-CI). The Compact contains the Abidjan Transport Project. The ATP is composed of the following activities:
Rehabilitation (pavement milling and resurfacing) and geometric redesign to alleviate congestion and improve road safety on 120 lane-kilometers of primary arterials in Abidjan using innovative road rehabilitation technologies like pavement recycling, high modulus asphalts and rolled compacted concrete including new traffic lights and synchronization;
Rehabilitation of one (1) bridge and the engineering designs for another bridge in the Port Zone;
Traffic engineering and transportation planning to estimate traffic flows, increase fluidity, reduce congestion and manage construction traffic on all major arterials in Abidjan;
Technical assistance, training and reinforcement of institutional capabilities such as in the development of infrastructure management tools and their integration within GoCI agencies; and,
Develop and implement a prioritized road maintenance program in Abidjan using remaining contingency funds with 1:1 matching from the GoCI before the end of the Compact.