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Liberia Inland Storage and Distribution Facility

InfraCo Africa Limited

CPCS has signed a Developer Services Agreement with InfraCo Africa, which tasks CPCS to identify and develop infrastructure projects on behalf of InfraCo.
CPCS identified the Inland Storage and Distribution Facility (the Project, and/or ISDF) as a strategic response to the limited and low-quality storage, distribution and logistics infrastructure in Liberia, which results in high-priced goods for consumers and producers. The Project involves the development of an open-access, temperature-controlled storage facility in Liberia.
The Project is being developed, constructed and operated by InfraCo Africa (“InfraCo”), an international finance institution and Global Logistics Services Inc. (GLS), a Liberian-based third party logistics provider. The ISDF is projected to break ground by February 2020 and be operational by the end of 2020. The facility will be nearly 44,000 square feet in size with the capabilities of providing temperature controlled storage solutions in addition to value added services such as sustainable power, 24/7 security and end-to-end goods handling. The project is being developed on a 2.25-acre plot at the Monrovia Industrial Park, off Somalia Drive in Gardnersville.