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Research and Communication Project for the Ministry of Gender and the Promotion of Women

Louise Paris, CIDA

This project involved the management of $.5 million contract.  Three Canadian consultants and 11 Rwandans consultants were being supervised under the project.  Three missions to Rwanda were carried out.  The main activities of this year-long project were to ensure that the mandate of the Ministry of Gender and the Promotion of Women (Ministère du Développement de la Femme et de la Parité des Sexes) is integrated into the national development context and the objectives of equality between the sexes are promoted.  In addition to the gender issues, the consultant also examined the poverty alleviation issues. The budget was divided between research and communication. The research component promoted decentralization in the promotion of strategic research.  It aimed to increase appropriate messages in equality between the sexes across ministries.  The final area of research was to improve Rwanda’s gender knowledge base.The communication component addressed new mechanisms for internal communication within ministries, appointing communication coordinators in key ministries and ensuring that diverse partners adopt a similar vision to equality.