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Sri Lanka: CPCS chosen as PPP expert in light rail transit

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Sri Lanka ministry hires CPCS to determine best bidder for Colombo’s new high frequency light rail transit service.  

The challenge

Colombo is one of the most congested cities in the world, and its aging public transportation system isn’t helping. As such, the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development of Sri Lanka wants to introduce three light rail transit (LRT) lines to be financed, built, owned and operated by the private sector.

“I’m helping the ministry find the best bidders,” says Raj Fernando, CPCS expert, who is managing this project from Colombo.

The three new LRT lines will cover Colombo’s central business district and the most important economic corridors in the suburbs.

What we’re doing

CPCS is providing the following services:

  • Review bid documentation and recommend best public-private partnership structure
  • Support engagement and communication with bidders
  • Evaluate bidders’ proposals
  • Support client during negotiations with preferred bidder(s)
  • Assist in drafting and executing concession agreement(s)

The ministry had already shortlisted six bidders before CPCS came on board.

“Our deep expertise in urban rail projects makes it easy for us to deliver value quickly,” adds Raj. 

Western region light rail transit network


Three new light rail transit lines will ease road congestion and make the city’s public transit system more effective. This is a crucial development, as Colombo will grow to nine million people by 2035.