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Liberia: Overhauling its inland storage infrastructure

CPCS helps Liberia get its first modern inland storage and distribution facility. The challenge Economic growth in Liberia is outstripping its inland storage capacity and logistics services.  “Currently, many Liberians have no choice but to stash their goods at the national port,” says Diran Adejumo, senior financial and market analyst at CPCS. “It’s cramped, expensive […]

West Africa: Coastal management for climate change

CPCS supports the World Bank to identify and finance infrastructure projects protecting West African coastal areas against erosion, floods and pollution. The Challenge The damage climate change does to countries in West Africa are real. As such, the World Bank established the West Africa Coastal Areas (WACA) Management Program to make sure that infrastructure projects […]

West Africa: Is trans-boundary water transmission possible?

CPCS evaluates a trans-boundary project to bring clean water to Ghanaian and Togolese communities. The challenge Two countries in West Africa, Ghana and Togo, have agreed to jointly develop a trans-boundary project to improve potable water transmission for the populations of Sogakope and Lomé. The Volta River seems like the ideal place to install the […]

U.S.: How do agencies manage transportation research programs?

New report provides state transportation agencies a framework to organize publicly-funded research programs for maximum impact. The challenge Good data and good research are key to enhancing transportation systems over time. But are state Departments of Transportations (DOTs) following standards and best practices in managing their transportation research programs? “Surprisingly, there’s no comprehensive scientific body […]

Minnesota: Streamlining the Department of Transportation

CPCS advised leaders in the Minnesota Department of Transportation on business processes to align constituent parts with the organization’s overall vision. The challenge The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has a broad and complex mission supported by a decentralized organizational structure. However, its constituent districts and offices vary in terms of business planning maturity. This […]

Nigeria: Helping manage the grain reserve infrastructure

Government sees private sector management skills as the solution for decaying grain silo infrastructure across Nigeria. The challenge Self-sufficiency in food production is top of mind for Nigeria, but grain spoilage due to lack of adequate storage infrastructure makes this goal difficult to achieve. The responsibility to operate 33 industrial grain storage facilities with a […]

Ghana: Finding a green infrastructure for a public agency

CPCS to select a private contractor to develop an eco-friendly business infrastructure as the client outgrows its current office.  The challenge The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Ghana seeks to move in a green infrastructure. As the SEC’s mandate in the country expands, so does its personnel. It’s time for them to find a […]