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Cameroon: Determining the viability of biomass initiatives

CPCS infrastructure advisors undertake due diligence on a 6.5 MW biomass pilot project. The challenge Africa needs a staggering amount of money to fund its infrastructure. It’s well over US $126 billion a year. InfraCo Africa contributes to this total by providing funding for early-stage infrastructure projects so that they can eventually attract private investment. […]

West Africa: Coastal management for climate change

CPCS supports the World Bank to identify and finance infrastructure projects protecting West African coastal areas against erosion, floods and pollution. The Challenge The damage climate change does to countries in West Africa are real. As such, the World Bank established the West Africa Coastal Areas (WACA) Management Program to make sure that infrastructure projects […]

Cape Verde: Rebooting a national electricity company

Cape Verde officials chooses CPCS to restructure and transfer the national electricity utility to the private sector.   The challenge Despite contributing to an above-average electrification rate of 95% in Cape Verde, the state-owned electricity company Electra hasn’t been as profitable as expected. The government wishes to reboot the company to take advantage of the […]

Benin: Building its public-private partnerships program

CPCS formalizes approaches to public-private partnerships in Benin to boost economic growth. The challenge The bucket list of infrastructure projects in Benin is growing. One way to finance its growth is to attract more investment from the private sector. This requires a robust public-private partnerships (PPP) program.  The challenge is that the government is relatively […]

Madagascar: Facilitating negotiations with private power producers

Decision makers in Madagascar hire CPCS to support negotiations with independent power producers. The challenge The Government of Madagascar has selected independent power producers (IPPs) to develop two hydropower projects worth US $1.3 billion. As negotiations between the government and the power producers unfold, the former has expressed the need for additional expert advice. Specifically, […]

Lagos: PPPs to modernize its urban transport infrastructure

CPCS guides Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city, to welcome private investors and revitalize and integrate its urban transport system.  The challenge As Lagos posts record-breaking population growth, it’s starting to improve its urban transport system accordingly.   This is why the World Bank singled out three transportation infrastructure projects and asked CPCS to look at the […]

West Africa: Is trans-boundary water transmission possible?

CPCS evaluates a trans-boundary project to bring clean water to Ghanaian and Togolese communities. The challenge Two countries in West Africa, Ghana and Togo, have agreed to jointly develop a trans-boundary project to improve potable water transmission for the populations of Sogakope and Lomé. The Volta River seems like the ideal place to install the […]

Sri Lanka: CPCS chosen as PPP expert in light rail transit

Sri Lanka ministry hires CPCS to determine best bidder for Colombo’s new high frequency light rail transit service.   The challenge Colombo is one of the most congested cities in the world, and its aging public transportation system isn’t helping. As such, the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development of Sri Lanka wants to introduce three […]

Nigeria: Helping manage the grain reserve infrastructure

Government sees private sector management skills as the solution for decaying grain silo infrastructure across Nigeria. The challenge Self-sufficiency in food production is top of mind for Nigeria, but grain spoilage due to lack of adequate storage infrastructure makes this goal difficult to achieve. The responsibility to operate 33 industrial grain storage facilities with a […]