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Florida: Solving the high rate of passenger rail incidents

CPCS study suggests how to make passenger rail service safer for everybody.    The challenge In 2017 alone, the State of Florida reported 40 deaths due to collisions with high-speed passenger rail trains. That’s four times the national average in terms of death per miles traveled. It’s unclear as to why rail transit in Florida […]

North America: Tracking the Great Lakes with Blue Accounting

CPCS supports the Blue Accounting initiative to track performance of binational maritime system. The challenge Blue Accounting is a data-driven initiative put together by local governors to provide cutting-edge information services about the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Maritime system. The movement aims to gather data on three broad objectives: Increase maritime trade and […]

Canada: Readying the Canada Port Authorities for modernization

Transport Canada chooses CPCS experts to inspire Modernization Review for Canada Port Authorities. The challenge Canada Port Authorities (CPAs) manage 17 of the country’s most strategic ports. They are important enablers of Canadian trade. Ensuring that CPAs can continue to support the competitiveness of the country’s economy by facilitating the movement of goods and passengers […]

Canada: Taking road and highway congestion seriously

CPCS experts help the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) combat highway congestion by identifying top traffic bottlenecks in Canada. The challenge Highway congestion in Canada costs people billions of dollars every year. Canadians lose countless of hours behind the wheel — hours that could be used to be productive at work. This is not to mention […]

The Gambia: Unlocking river transport to new destinations

A new boat service for freight could reduce transport costs and traffic from the port of Banjul to trade spots.  The challenge Currently, The Gambia does not have access to a river transport system. The country has to rely on roads to carry freight from the capital to the hinterlands and neighbouring countries. Yet, experts […]

Madagascar: A cabotage service from coast to coast

Improved cabotage service in Madagascar can reduce shipping costs around the island. The challenge Only a small share of the coastal population in Madagascar has access to a formal maritime transportation system – a cabotage service. Even so, those fortunate enough to use the service still have to contend with unpredictable schedules and safety hazards.  […]

Alberta: Transit solutions to reduce congestion in Banff

CPCS considers options for adding rail and bus transit from Calgary to Banff as congestion exceeds road capacity. The challenge As Canada’s oldest national park becomes increasingly popular, congestion from Calgary to Banff just keeps getting worse. Visitors can expect longer travel times, more greenhouse gas emissions, increased traffic in wildlife corridors and an overall […]

Minnesota: Streamlining the Department of Transportation

CPCS advised leaders in the Minnesota Department of Transportation on business processes to align constituent parts with the organization’s overall vision. The challenge The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has a broad and complex mission supported by a decentralized organizational structure. However, its constituent districts and offices vary in terms of business planning maturity. This […]

The Caribbean: For better short-sea shipping

Inter-American Development Bank enlists CPCS to improve the islands’ maritime trade networks and infrastructure. The challenge The Caribbean is a group of small islands that relies on trade and maritime transport networks to keep its economy strong. It goes without saying that the Caribbean would benefit from a more robust short-sea shipping system.  “Integration is […]

Trans-Caucasus: Making a transit corridor an economic engine

Major shipping route linking Azerbaijan and Georgia with Europe and China has a plan to rival competing trade corridors. The challenge How to turn the Trans-Caucasus Transit Corridor (CTC) into a reliable and competitive trading route linking Europe and China? By patching up its freight and logistics performance issues, of course.   Recognizing that CPCS […]