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Public-private partnerships

Public-private partnerships: Turning complex transactions into success stories

Clients rely on us to bring the public and private sectors together and mobilize investments.

Our clients are: 

Julie St-Amand “Container Terminal”, 2018 original work in encaustic (commissioned) 60x72 inches

Technical depth in

Sector reform in transportation and power sectors

Sector reforms

Enable winning conditions for successful public-private partnerships

Creating successful conditions 

Institutional development

Institutional development and capacity building

Planning and restructuring

Planning and structuring

Transaction advisory services for public-private partnerships

Transaction advisory

How we help clients

  • Close successful deals by carefully handling the transaction from start to finish
  • Attract the right investments for sustainable outcomes
  • Accelerate sector reforms by restructuring policy and regulatory frameworks
  • Uncover costs and risks by conducting feasibility studies
  • Inform project design, financing and implementation

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