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Go farther with your infrastructure

Transport is big at CPCS. It’s no coincidence given our origins.

Clients rely on us to improve their transportation networks and operations.

Our clients are: 

  • Governments at all levels
  • International development agencies such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank
  • Investors
  • Infrastructure owners and operators
  • Industry associations and advocacy organizations
Julie St-Amand “Elevators”, 2013 original work in encaustic 24 x 30 inches

Technical depth in


Ports and marine


Bridges, roads
and highways

Urban mobility and
public transit

How we help clients

  • Initiate and develop project screenings, pre-feasibility studies and multi-criteria analyses
  • Perform market studies and market analyses and execute procurement and financing strategies
  • Set the right legal, regulatory and strategic conditions
  • Close deals with confidence 
  • Train key personnel and provide post-contract management support
Mohamed Musa CPCS infrastructure management consultants

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