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Eric Séguin

Principal Consultant, Infrastructure Analytics

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As the Geographic Information System (GIS) practice leader at CPCS, Eric has spent almost 10 years integrating geomatics and spatial sciences in our project approaches. 

Eric’s primary role at CPCS is to deliver thematic mapping products and leverage decision-based algorithms as models to generate value to our projects. His most recent projects consist of modeling multimodal freight plans, building financial pre-feasibility to design phase conceptual models and site plans and analyzing congestion and travel time.

His other projects include the following:

  • Study at the direct and indirect costs of trucking in Quebec
  • Analysis of the movement of dangerous goods in Lower Mainland British Columbia
  • Prioritization and assessment of potential high speed railway corridors in Africa.

Eric began his career at CPCS as a GIS analyst and cartographer before assuming his current position.

He is fluent in French and English.


  • 2010: Master’s, Geography, University of Ottawa
  • 2004: Bachelor’s, Geography, University of Ottawa

3 fun facts:

  • Audiophile who has been curating his record collection for nearly 20 years 
  • Held a certification in mountaineering, rappelling and rope bridging
  • Loves the drive more than the destination 

Contact Eric

P: ​+1 ​(613) 237-2500