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Josiah Blackwell-Lipkind

Consultant, US

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Josiah speaks English, French and Spanish, and his background includes training in writing, research and economics as well as a growing skillset using GIS tools (geographic information system). 

In addition to his passion for labor economics and 20th-Century philosophy, Josiah has a keen interest in spatial analysis, transportation and what shapes urban landscapes. He has worked for Brown University’s Population Studies and Training Center, where he helped georeference historic maps with ArcMap, a tool to view, edit, create and analyze geospatial data. Josiah also used GIS to perform research on historic changes to impervious land in Providence, Rhode Island. 


Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Philosophy, Brown University  

3 fun facts:

  • Grew up one mile from Hartford, Connecticut, where a president first made a public appearance in a car (Theodore Roosevelt rode in an electric vehicle made in Hartford) 
  • Favorite tourist activity in a new city is taking the subway 
  • Visited the Louvre one hour before it closed for the pandemic while studying abroad in Paris 

Contact Josiah

P: +1-860-461-6002