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Keiko Porath 

Junior Consultant, Growth and Operations

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Keiko is a junior infrastructure management consultant with knowledge of public-private partnerships, mobilizing investments, creating policies, and social and private project evaluation. 

Before joining CPCS, Keiko worked with a government agency to lead public-private partnerships and design urban transport systems focused on sustainable urban planning. She’s also worked as a ship broker, where she gained experience in freight operations.  

She’s currently working on her master’s thesis, titled “Towards sustainable transport: giving voice to women in public transport and understanding (in)mobility of care.” She’s also published in the Research in Transportation Economics journal a paper titled Temporal analysis of fare evasion in Transantiago: A socio-political view

Keiko lived in Germany for seven years and speaks fluently in German, Spanish and English. 


  • Currently enrolled in a master’s program in engineering science specializing in public transportation and transport economics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 
  • Professional diploma in statistics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 
  • Bachelor of Industrial Civil Engineer specializing in transport and logistics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 

 3 fun facts: 

  • Her full name, María Constanza Keiko Porath Mabe, is multicultural. María Constanza is Chilean, Keiko is Japanese, Porath is German and Mabe is Japanese. 
  • Cat lover with two cats: Charlie, who was rescued from a wildfire, and Alfie, a feral cat that was rescued too 
  • A Doctor Who geek, and she’s always hoping someone will get her references from the sci-fi TV series  

Contact Keiko

P: +1-613-237-2500