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Mark Leving

Exclusive Associate, Major Projects

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Mark Leving is a UK rail expert with 40-plus years of experience developing and optimizing rail infrastructure projects.

He’s known for providing independent, incisive and practical holistic advice for railway operations, management and development.

Mark knows the UK railway industry inside out having held roles as senior manager, director and practitioner, including six years as Hull Trains’s Managing Director, achieving the highest on-time performance, safety metrics and revenue growth of any UK train operating company. Clients seek his deep understanding of the track-train and operations-engineering interfaces and UK rail industry contractual matrices.


Bachelor of Arts, Geography and Industrial Archaeology, CF Mott College, Lancaster University, England

Conferences, papers and publications

  • Rail Market Pricing and revenue allocation in the UK – Deutsche Bahn, 2008, Frankfurt
  • Getting better end user value from infrastructure expenditure – Rail Infra. UK 2011 London
  • “Getting to the Railway station”, National Rail Conference, Leeds, September 2011

Contact Mark

P: +1-613-237-2500