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Soumya Nampoothiri

Communication and Marketing Assistant, Corporate Services 

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Soumya coordinates the firm’s creative services as well as its internal and external communications. 

Soumya has held creative design positions in a financial technology start-up, an IT company and as special effects artist for an animation studio. She’s done subtitles for short films and music videos and assisted in translating a script to English for a Malayalam movie. As a freelancer, she’s worked on brochures, e-learning and photography.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media (Honours), 3D Animation, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
  • Master of Business Administration in Mass Communication and Media StudiesNational Institute of Business ManagementIndia 

3 fun facts: 

  • Has worked on a few Indian children’s animated TV series as an effect artist
  • Enjoys learning new languages 
  • Likes to travel  and explore new cultures 

Contact Soumya

P: +1-613-237-2500