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Thomas Restiaux

Senior Consultant, Anglophone and Lusophone Africa

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Thomas is a senior consultant and project manager with seven years of advisory experience working with governments, banks, financiers and regulators to improve the performance of utilities across the energy value chain

Before joining CPCS, Thomas was a project manager at a consulting group of one of Canada’s largest utilities. He worked across Africa and the Middle East on commercial advisory and utility management contracts. 


Bachelor of Commerce, Finance & Accounting, I.H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba 

3 fun facts:

  • Can juggle up to 5 objects while walking on stilts
  • Did a 12-month stint as the on-air tech expert for CTV News and Breakfast Television, live in Winnipeg
  • Can name the brand, type and variant of almost all commercial aircrafts by sight alone

Contact Thomas

P: +1-613-237-2500