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Tobin McGilligan

Senior Data Analyst, Infrastructure Analytics

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Tobin works with a toolbox that includes code snippets, XML schema, relational databases, GIS software and other means in order to visualize and operationalize data.

Tobin’s work has supported decision-making in local, state, regional, provincial, federal and national offices.

Prior to joining CPCS, Tobin was performing contract roles at geospatial data firms in the Madison, Wisconsin area. 

Tobin is fluent in English, Spanish, Python, Javascript and SQL (+ PostGIS). He is also proficient in ArcGIS, QGIS and Adobe Illustrator, among other tools.


  • 2017: B.Sc., Cartography/GIS & Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison

3 fun facts:

  • Once rode public transportation all the way from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, to Madison, Wisconsinl, U.S. 
  • Has a family photo with Leon Trotsky‘s grandson
  • Visiting Ottawa for CPCS onboarding was his first time in Canada

Contact Tobin

P: +1 (613) 237-2500