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Toufic Constantin

Consultant, Infrastructure Development Unit

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Toufic has experience developing solar PV and commercial submetering projects and providing logistics advice on matters related to warehousing/distribution. 

Prior to joining CPCS, Toufic led a 5-member team of engineers at the University of Toronto to design a simplified electricity sub-metering system that could save up to 90% of costs compared to existing market solutions. Toufic also participated in the business development of the Blue Sky Solar Racing Design Team. His team secured $750,000 of financial/material sponsorship to develop and race the solar vehicle. Most recently, Toufic was the chapter president of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers at the University of Toronto.

In 2019, Toufic originated and led CPCS’s first pro-bono project: a preliminary business case for a solar rooftop project at York University. For this project, Toufic used financial modelling and data analysis to evaluate the fiscal, sustainable and educational impacts of solar PV for the institution.

Toufic’s strengths are data analysis and research.


2017 – Present: B.Sc., Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

Contact Toufic

P: +1 ​(613) 237-2500