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Total compensation

CPCS is a top employer and we reward our team members with a total compensation package that reflects our beliefs and who we want in our team.

A different kind of company

Our recruiting process is meticulous to hire the best talent. It’s in part why our team of over 150 members has fun working on complex and pressing infrastructure challenges,  and that our company is enjoying sustainable growth.

Many of our people left large and well-known consulting firms and bureaucratic jobs to join our one-of-a-kind employee-owned company. They want to be join CPCS because we reward results, value entrepreneurship and give incredible freedom and autonomy.

Everyone at CPCS, consultants and corporate professionals, make a comfortable living, and high performers do very well personally, financially, and professionally.

Competitive base salaries

As illustrated in the image below, we benchmark base salaries to the third quartile for our industry, based on data from the Economic Research Institute. Other companies may offer you a higher base salary, but our total compensation package is worth a good look!

salaries at CPCS within 75th percentile

Financial rewards for high-performing contributors

We place a big emphasis on performance pay, which consists of bonuses and profit sharing. For our strong performers, when looking at their quantitative and qualitative contributions, they generally earn financial rewards well above what other firms in our industry offer.

Our work hours are reasonable too. According to and other sources, most management consultants work 50 to 80 hours a week. Typically, if they pay you more, they’ll likely expect you to work more too. At CPCS, while some of us may from time to time work more hours due to the nature of certain roles and projects, most employees work on average between 40 and 45 hours a week. This leaves ample time for life outside work.

Performance pay varies based on job role and levels. People in different positions contribute to our success in various ways. Some do client-facing work, others do more project management while others add value by working on the business.

More than 50% of our employees own shares in CPCS

Team members who show deep interest in CPCS, are strong performers and contribute to our company’s development are offered the opportunity to buy and own shares in CPCS.

We see that culture of ownership and accountability as a reward in itself.

Share ownership has yielded, on average, a 20% return on equity for employee shareholders since our program began in 1996. This is the magic of employee ownership. We get to chart our path, work towards more satisfying business goals and make CPCS a company we enjoy being part of.

Do you share our core beliefs and see yourself being part of our team?

Inside our compensation package

  • Opportunity to become a shareholder
  • More than 50% of our team members own shares in CPCS
  • Base pay: earn a competitive salary, benchmarked to the third quartile for our industry, with regular salary reviews
  • Company-wide profit sharing: based on quantitative and qualitative contributions, at a level well above industry average for strong performers
  • Pay equity: we perform ongoing pay equity reviews
  • Cash incentives: for thought leadership contributions like attending conferences and publishing articles
  • 4 weeks vacation for all
  • 12 flexible CPCS days, including paid Holidays
  • Medical, dental and vision
  • Paid maternity and parental leave top-up
  • Generous retirement matching contribution plan
  • Long-term disability and life insurance
  • Paid health and wellness / family responsibility days
  • Paid compassionate leave
  • Flex work and remote work
  • Employee assistance program
  • Transit subsidies
  • Travel support and protection while you’re away from home for business
  • Additional paid leave following periods of extended business travel
  • Team excellence with a clear purpose
  • Up to $5,000 CAD per year for continuing education
  • DepthGuide Program that provides guidance and support to young professionals
  • Supportive internal career mobility
  • International work and travel
  • Professional development and paid membership fees
  • Monthly all staff meetings
  • You’ll feel the diversity, equity, inclusion and sense of belonging
  • Our team members’ input reflected in company matters like compensation
  • We prioritize time for deep work and only have meetings when we have to
  • We aspire to build a positive culture of feedback and have many channels to do this

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