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United States

Freight and Transport Advisors in the USA

For better logistics, maritime, and rail systems performance

We’re specialists in transportation strategy, policy, and economic analysis.

CPCS is at the forefront of goods and people movement issues across the United States at the federal, multistate, state, regional, and local levels.

We help governments and private organizations understand freight needs and issues, and leverage opportunities to improve their systems and support economic development.

CPCS provides the highest-quality advice on transportation challenges in the areas of strategic and business planning, multimodal freight, passenger rail, ports and waterways, intermodal terminals, trade lanes, borders, urban mobility, oversize/overweight cargo, truck parking, grant writing, corridor planning, freight operations, market competitiveness, and more. 

Freight and transport specializations


  • Data analytics, modelling, forecasting, storytelling
  • Economic analyses
  • Port and intermodal feasibility and market studies
  • Private equity buy-side due diligence
  • Commodity flow analysis
  • Freight-related emissions analysis
  • Policy analysis and advanced research


  • State and regional freight transportation plans
  • Business planning for ports and freight-supporting agencies
  • Trade strategy development


  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Grant writing

Transport data specialists: More reasons to work with us

Expert familiarity across all freight data sets and analytical tools.

Extensive knowledge of data and time-tested methods for identifying truck mobility issues.

Expertise with all public and private sources of freight data.

Delivery of practical insights that link the diverse freight needs of urban, suburban, and rural areas.

Specialists in shaping transportation operations and policies in the USA

CPCS brings deep situational awareness of the freight and passenger transportation issues and needs nationwide. We advise and provide project execution support on strategic transportation and related policy and planning matters across all modes.

What CPCS does best

  • CPCS is sought-after by federal, state, and local clients for its innovative freight planning approaches and strategies to address critical issues.


  • CPCS has pioneered an innovative data triangulation method to address gaps in truck parking issues and opportunities.


  • The CPCS Team brings extensive experience in developing and applying approaches to extract light commercial vehicles from “big data” matrices, which fills a long-standing data gap and helps better quantify the impacts of these vehicles on their systems.


  • CPCS is well versed in climate change, environmental justice, and equity considerations in freight performance targets and investment decisions.
  • We believe in making reports easy to read and understand because making information accessible benefits everyone.


  • CPCS believes in the importance of conveying to multiple stakeholders that freight is both an urban and a rural, and a small and big company issue.

  • CPCS develops public-facing deliverables in a concise and graphics-centric style to effectively communicate with the consumers of the final product.


  • For Transport Ohio (Ohio State Freight Plan), CPCS developed a series of interactive dashboards that allow users to understand the strategic freight system, road needs, rail needs, freight-reliant industries, key commodities and trade, and truck parking issues. The dashboard tool allows users to download the datasets included in the Freight Plan. It serves as a one-stop shop for exploring, visualizing, downloading, and customizing freight data.
  • CPCS engages private and public freight stakeholders through one-on-one consultations, surveys, focus groups, and community meetings. CPCS has conducted interviews and focus groups with hundreds of private sector and community stakeholders on freight issues. We have worked intensively with the complete freight stakeholder spectrum, from Class I railroads and major shippers to community and environmental groups on state, metropolitan, and local freight-focused issues.

Core advisory services

  • Data-driven freight strategy
  • Maritime planning and advisory
  • Rail planning and advisory​​​​​​​
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Economic development strategy
  • FAST Act / IIJA compliant planning
  • Multimodal freight data analysis
  • Freight sustainability
  • Passenger and freight traffic forecasting, modeling
  • Truck bottlenecks and parking assessments
  • Policy strategy recommendations
  • Public and private stakeholder engagement
  • Funding and financial analysis