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Writing for this global management consulting firm launched my career

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CPCS alumnus and technical writer Emile Lin says mentorship, diverse responsibilities and writing high-impact content for CPCS made it a great place to do real work.

Landing my first big job as a content strategist at CPCS propelled my career. I likely gained 3 years’ worth of experience in one year! Clearly, the firm values potential over years of experience.

Hence why I recommend this infrastructure management consulting firm to entry-level professionals.

Potential over experience

After five years chasing a career in academia, I pivoted to become a full-time writer.

Even with peer-reviewed publications under my belt, shifting from academia to business writing was tough.

But unlike employers who flagged my lack of corporate experience, CPCS recognized my critical thinking skills and abilities to research and simplify complex information.

A culture founded on professional growth

CPCS has friendly coaching-mentorship vibes and senior management upholds this nurturing culture.

It feels good to be trusted and it’s motivating.

I knew very little about content marketing, yet my director showed me how and would even look for conferences and workshops for me to attend.

Sometimes, I felt that he cared more about my professional development than I did.

Some of my proudest achievements at CPCS include:

  • Writing a thought leadership article that was published by a leading industry magazine
  • Gathering and writing the content for the first issue of The Depths magazine
  • Proofreading and editing complex reports commissioned by high-profile public clients

Making an impact around the world  

CPCS solves several challenges in the infrastructure sector for public and private clients across the world.

Whether I was writing about rail, ports or renewable energy, I came to appreciate the breadth and depth of infrastucture.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another employee-owned company that has a real impact on people’s lives and economies around the world.

For instance, reducing port traffic in Nigeria so that residents can get their goods faster, or providing renewable power to remote villages in Mozambique.

Supercharge your career at CPCS

If you want a challenging, yet rewarding career experience, know that CPCS excels at managing talented people.

CPCS was a catalyst and why I’m doing technical writing today.

Interested in supercharging your career? Check out openings on the careers page or apply through our Young Professionals Program!

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