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Young Professionals Program

High-impact careers advising infrastructure leaders

Young professionals program

Global projects. Real responsibilities. High-impact work.

Our Young Professionals Program (YPP) is for new masters-level graduates and entry-level professionals with 1 to 3 years of experience looking to make an impact right away.

If you’re up for a challenge, we’ve got plenty to solve, like congested roads, ageing ports, poor access to electricity, inadequate access to financing and more. My very first infrastructure project at CPCS exposed me to the important factors that play a role in mitigating climate change. It was the first of many projects that allowed me to deepen my knowledge in a specific subject.”

The YPP was a great experience after studying economic development. It offered an opportunity to mix theory and more applied knowledge, while giving you the resources to form into a consultant. One of my first projects was working on a multimodal transportation master plan in Madagascar. It was a vividly enriching experience, to work from start to finish, and to learn in great detail about transportation and a new culture."

The YP program provided a valuable hands-on experience in the infrastructure sector. It allowed me to explore various facets of the sector from both a sectoral perspective and a geographical standpoint. I was able to experience how climate change and sustainability are becoming more relevant for the infrastructure sector globally. For instance, I had the opportunity to contribute to a project aimed at supporting the transformation of the energy sector in the Caribbean towards more renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions."

The YPP is a fantastic opportunity to work on cutting edge infrastructure development opportunities and connect with some of the brightest and most talented consultants worldwide. I’m currently working on a project developing sustainable transport connections between Central Asia and the European Union. Not only does this project address pressing geopolitical, economic and transport concerns, but it has given me the opportunity to travel to Central Asia and engage with stakeholders directly.”

Becoming a management consultant.

Interested in finding solutions to tough infrastructure challenges? If so, you’ll enjoy your time at CPCS.

You’ll catch our attention if you have a background in:

  • Economics or finance
  • Management such as MBA
  • Law
  • Data science, analytics
  • Engineering
  • Urban planning or environment
  • Other fields of study relevant to CPCS

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What you’ll accomplish at CPCS:

Your path at CPCS 

You’ll join our central consulting team, be trained and do hands-on work to support business development and project activities across our areas of expertise and markets.

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Successful individuals graduating from our program move to a specialized  team that meets their career development goals and business priorities.

Young Professionals Program