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Africa: CPCS advises on the planning of 73 regional infrastructure projects for policymakers and head of states

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Technical experts representing 55 member states of the African Union (AU) give go ahead to 73 regional projects based on CPCS-defined selection criteria.


German development agency GIZ called on CPCS to build the second priority action plan known as PIDA-PAP 2 as part of the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA). This AU-led program seeks to deliver a series of integrated regional infrastructure projects by 2030. 

What CPCS did

Our work in developing PIDA-PAP 2 involved: 

  • Conceptualizing an integrated corridor approach as the basis for identifying and selecting PIDA projects
  • Translating this approach in planning instruments, such as project selection criteria and a screening tool
  • Screening relevant regional infrastructure projects proposed by member states and regional economic communities that could meet PIDA requirements
  • Developing the implementation strategy to bring these projects to reality

“These 73 projects will not only connect the continent together, they’ll also boost employment, gender equality and environmental sustainability,” says CPCS Vice President Hichame Selmaoui.

Next step: obtaining final endorsement by head of states in the first quarter of 2021.

About CPCS

CPCS is a global management consulting firm specializing in infrastructure. CPCS solves challenges specific to transport, power and public-private partnerships. The firm is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices across Africa and the U.S.

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