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Infrastructure magazine

The Depths — A fun company magazine by infrastructure advisors 

The Depths highlights our team and the work done by our one-of-a-kind management consulting firm.

Let our mascot Dolir, a deep-sea diver, guide you through some of our stories that made it to the surface in 2023.

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We have a good story to tell. As a team, we enable positive economic, social and environmental impacts by providing evidence-based management consulting service to infrastructure leaders. This publication underscores some of our impacts and the people making them happen. 

Anyone who shares our passion for enabling positive impacts through infrastructure advisory work in all its forms. It’s for CPCSers, future CPCSers, partners, clients and the infrastructure community at large.

They’re fundamental to how we operate. They’re why we show up to work. They act as a compass when making decisions and in our day-to-day activities. We’re not shy about showing what we’re all about and wish to attract others who share our beliefs. 

It means deepening our knowledge, experience, tools and network in our sectors of transportpowerpublic-private partnerships and related analytics. In short, it means going “deeper” in our infrastructure ecosystem. Like a deep-sea diver descending to the ocean floor, we strive to explore the uncharted dimensions of our specializations.

On one end of the infrastructure consulting market spectrum are large technical engineering and planning firms. On the other are large accounting and management consulting firms. Our focus is on the market in-between where clients and projects need the combination of technical depth AND deep management insights.

Dolir is an explorer of the depths. Dolir is a fictional character who seeks to capture what we’re all about and to tell our story. Why? For fun. And because we wanted to be the first management consulting firm in the infrastructure sector with a mascot.