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Andrew Bouffard

Director and Principal Consultant

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Andrew has more than 12 years of experience developing and managing infrastructure projects in the transportation and energy sectors.

His focus at CPCS is managing and implementing complex projects in Africa and Asia. Andrew also plays a leading role in business development, strategic planning and corporate development initiatives.

Andrew has managed studies for the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and many government agencies. His technical focus has been institutional development and policy analysis in the transport and energy sectors. Among his ongoing work and accomplishments:

  • Led an assignment to develop a strategy for the privatization of the Muscat Electricity Distribution Company, the largest distribution company in Oman

  • Managed a study for the World Bank to assess the competitiveness of the Trans-Caucasus Transit Corridor (CTC) in Azerbaijan and Georgia and developed recommendations for improvement

  • Managed a project over the past three years with the World Bank to develop public-private partnership (PPP) options for bus operations in Dhaka, an assignment to develop a renewable energy roadmap for the Government of the Republic of Nauru and a study to develop a PPP Policy for the Islamic Development Bank.

  • Was based in Rwanda in 2020 to oversee the delivery of a project to review and strengthen the institutional structure of the energy sector in the country

Alongside the Government of Namibia, Andrew is currently working on a study to assess the institutional structure of the railway sector and recommend measures for improving the performance and efficiency of the sector, as well as ensuring the development of a sustainable funding mechanism for future railway maintenance.

In addition to his diverse project work, Andrew leads several corporate initiatives at CPCS aimed at strengthening the company’s processes and procedures, as well as building capacity of staff in best practices through the management of an in-house training program.


Bachelor of Arts, International Development and Globalization, University of Ottawa

3 fun facts:

  • Loves to water ski at his cottage in the summer and downhill ski in the winter
  • Plays the guitar and sings along to his favourite Oasis songs
  • Can name the capital city and identify the national flag of all 193 countries 

Contact Andrew

P: ​​+1 613-237-2500