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James (Archie) Clarke

Executive Director and Corporate Secretary, CPCS International

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James, who goes by Archie, runs our Barbados office, assists the firm’s Board of Directors on governance matters and supports international business operations across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Before joining CPCS, Archie worked at Cable & Wireless Barbados, where he designed and managed several multi-million-dollar telecommunications projects, including the island’s first 4G and fibre networks.

He has other corporate secretary duties as he sits on the board of directors of Morgan Lewis Company Limited, which operates one of the largest dairy farms in Barbados.  


Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering, Howard University, USA

3 fun facts:

  • Sports enthusiast who fanatically watches professional sports and still hopes one day to attend the US Open and Wimbledon finals 
  • Loves planting and has successfully grown several fruit trees including cherry, orange, lime, plum, golden-apple and soursop
  • Happily married for 26 years and has one child

Contact James (Archie)

P: +1 613-237-2500