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Parnian Pourtaherian

Consultant, Infrastructure Analytics

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Parnian is a Geographic Information System (GIS) Consultant, and specializes in spatial analytics, data visualization, cartography and data management. 

Prior to joining CPCS, she conducted research on urban sprawl in Europe at the Landscape Ecology Lab at Concordia University. She’s also worked as a GIS analyst and cartographer for the Tehran municipality in Iran. 


  • Master of Science, Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies, Concordia University, Canada 
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Urban Planning, University of Tehran, Iran  


How effective are greenbelts at mitigating urban sprawl? A comparative study of 60 European cities

 3 fun facts: 

  • Plays three musical instruments 
  • Recorded and sold an album for charity when she was in high school  
  • Performs contemporary dance 

Contact Parnian

P: +1-613-237-2500