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Paul Kambalame

Senior Consultant, Anglophone & Lusophone Africa

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Paul has worked with CPCS on several transport infrastructure development projects around East and Southern Africa involving master planning, rail, and roads.

Paul is experienced in carrying out cost benefit analysis, financial and economic modelling, in-country field consultations and traffic surveying (counts and ODs), as well as project coordination and planning. He also has experience in the energy sector, having participated in studies involving analysis of electricity market options and early stage development of solar and hydro power projects.

Paul is a seasoned research analyst, proficient in enhancing data and information management for policy analysis and decision-making. He has conducted economic research studies in microeconomic financial services, SMEs Development, the promotion of women and youth in the economy.

Paul has experience leading teams in the assessment of environmental and social impacts for infrastructure development.


  • M.A., Economics, University of Nairobi

3 fun facts:

  • Is Arsenal FC’s biggest fan
  • Has lived in multiple African countries
  • Wants to be a film maker in another life 

Contact Paul

P: +1 613-237-2500