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CPCS in the U.S.: Utah Inland Port Authority sets its foundation

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CPCS helps the new state agency with its first strategic plan.

May 21, 2020 ­The newly formed Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) released its Strategic Business Plan for FY 2020-2024. The plan aims to revolutionize global logistics through sustainable and smart supply chains. To do that, the plan outlines partnerships, policies and programs to drive economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability and logistics investment.

The State chose CPCS to lead the development of the strategic business plan based on its global expertise in transportation, economics, trade/logistics and infrastructure analytics.

CPCS and its partners supported UIPA with technical research, data analysis and strategic advice to promote sustainable and smart logistics across the state.


More than a third of Utah’s economy depends on logistics. As the State of Utah continues to grow, its dependence on a robust logistics network deepens.

“The Utah Inland Port area has the largest cluster of freight activity in the Intermountain West, and Utah households and businesses rely on that activity to support their lifestyle and livelihood,” says Donald Ludlow, Vice President of the US Division, at CPCS. 

But the UIPA is more than an important node in the global supply chain network. It’s also an opportunity to rethink logistics and reduce air pollutants and carbon footprint in the area.  

“Other states engage in freight planning to improve their transportation systems, but UIPA can do it more holistically and proactively to make logistics more sustainable and to provide economic benefits statewide by working with local communities,” says Donald.

The UIPA area will continue to develop based on market conditions and existing land entitlements. With the implementation of UIPA policies and programs, scenario modelling shows a reduction of 11 to 19 per cent in air emissions along the Wasatch Front from the baseline forecast.

As global capital allocations continue to shift towards new and sustainable technologies, the UIPA aims to make Utah responsive to the market and its changing future.

Find the Strategic Business Plan and the accompanying technical documentation here.

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