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CPCS alumna: Katie Pearce

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Understanding the power good infrastructure has led her to pursue a career in the ports and marine sector.

Katie left the communications and marketing department at CPCS in 2014. She’s now about to become a commercial port management professional.

Guess where she developed a passion for the ports and marine logistics industry?

“I don’t think I had ever paid too much attention to the word ‘infrastructure’ before working at CPCS!” admits Katie.

But once onboard, Katie was quick to appreciate how good infrastructure can benefit communities and create social value. During her time here, Katie had the chance to:

  • Travel to Cross River State in Nigeria to be part of an urban development study
  • Attend international conferences on infrastructure development
  • Speak to industry colleagues and project stakeholders from around the world

However, it was our work on the seas that she fell in love with.

“Ninety percent of the global economy travels over our oceans,” says Katie. “I was happy to learn that my colleagues at CPCS were just as jazzed about marine infrastructure projects as I learned to be.”  

After her stint at CPCS, Katie completed her Masters of Global Business from the University of Victoria and moved to London, U.K., shortly after. Her home in Wales, overlooking the Port of Cardiff, was like a siren song calling her back to the marine industry.

In 2020, Katie finally made the plunge; out of 600 applicants, she was one of six successful young professionals accepted to the graduate program with UK’s Associated British Ports.

We’ll be watching Katie’s career with great interest!

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